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Please note that this is NOT an escort site and must only be used by persons over the age of 18. All of our masseuses are over 18 years of age.


Our Terms and Conditions should be read carefully as they outline the terms of use for this website (www.Prime-tantric-massage.co.uk). A few of our Terms and Conditions are stated in the confirmation text received after a booking has been made. This represents a contract between parties which is legally binding on you. Please read the following carefully in full and pay particular attention to our Limitation and Exclusion of Liability clauses.


USING THE WEBSITE (Prime-tantric-massage.co.uk)

By using the website and viewing and or browsing its pages, you automatically declare to have read our Terms and Conditions and to agree to them in full. Prime Tantric Massage has the right to add at any time new Terms or/and Conditions, and all need to be read and agreed to. If you book a tantric massage, the Prime Tantric Massage Terms and Conditions will apply, and you additionally agree to be constrained by those Terms. Prime Tantric Massage’s services and website can be used by persons who are 18 years old or over. By entering the website and booking a service, you automatically agree that you are 18 years old or over.

Our Terms of Use form the agreement between you and Prime Tantric Massage, with appreciation to your use of the Prime Tantric Massage website at https://www.Prime-tantric-massage.co.uk or any replacement or supplementary domain name used by or services provided.

Please note that to the expansion permitted by law and provided for elsewhere in these terms and conditions, we do not accept liability in appreciation of the website.

We have the responsibility that the website is available online at any time. On occasions, it may be unavailable due to allowing maintenance or some system issues may occur. We reserve the right to adjust the features of the website and to permit or restrict access to any operations of the website to you for any reason.

The Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”) is designed to protect you. Correspondingly it allows strict standards of accuracy, relevance and care of such data, including how it may be divulged. Any data about living individuals submitted to the website directly will be subject to the Act.

All elements listed on the website are displayed for informational and promotional purposes only. The website is completely designated for private, personal, and non-commercial only. Any user may not download or copy any materials on the website except for your personal, non-commercial use.



The services described on the website are representative of the services offered by Prime Tantric Massage. The services listed on www.Prime-tantric-massage.co.uk may be changed without prior notice. Please note that not all services will be available in all cases or in all locations at any time

Prime Tantric Massage services detail body massage and related massage therapies. Prime Tantric Massage does not promote nor excuse prostitution, sexual services of any kind, or illegal or immoral activities. Any member of Prime Tantric Massage applying for our services must ensure such services are not allowed or included in/with our services. It must be specified that Prime Tantric Massage is not the employer of the masseuses listed on our website. Prime Tantric Massage exclusively acts as an introductory agent and will not accept any liability for the masseuses.

Prime Tantric Massage operates exclusively as an introductory service between clients and ladies/gentlemen offering tantric massage services. Being an introductory service charges are made to the clients who use our services. We do not charge masseuses for our service. All collaborators are requested to accept funds on behalf of Prime Tantric Massage, where a cash payment is due from our client. These funds are then returned to Prime Tantric Massage when requested.


Using our services

Prime Tantric Massage impose a strict full payment in the advance policy. To book an appointment as a new client, you will be required to pay a fee of £10 into our business bank account, which is deductible from the final price of your chosen massage. This is required to secure your appointment. Please note that we do not store or ask for your card/bank details. Payment or the remaining balance should be made in cash within the first 10 minutes of your or masseuse’s arrival and should be paid in full. No discounts or refunds on the agreed payments will be accepted. The fees due to your masseuse and to Prime Tantric Massage will be collected at one time from the masseuse upon completion of the Massage Session.

Prime Tantric Massage doesn’t allow delays. If a booking is cancelled with at least 30 minutes or more notice given before the massage session is due to begin, then no cancellation fee will be due. When a booking is cancelled with less than 30 minutes’ notice before the agreed start time, a standard cancellation fee of £100 will be due – this fee will also apply on late arrival for your scheduled massage session, or you have the option to have the time delayed reduced from your massage session.


Prime Tantric Massage CLAUSE

Governing Law and Jurisdiction – English law is applicable to our Terms and Conditions.

Prime Tantric Massage has the right to change the prices and any time, from time to time, without further notice. Please note that our website may contain spelling errors or typographical mistakes. Prime Tantric Massage absolves itself from any damage that issue may bring. Any user of the website (www.Prime-tantric-massage.co.uk) has the obligation to ask a member of our team if some misunderstandings occur at any time, before and after making a booking.
This clause sets out our entire liability – including any liability for the acts or breaches of its employees, consultants or franchisees. Presented to you in appreciation of any breach of these Terms and Conditions or any representation, commission or statement related or in connection with our Terms and Conditions presented or our commerce accord in general. All terms and conditions hidden by statute or common law are, to the fullest length permitted by law, excluded from our Terms and Conditions. All our Terms and Conditions presented won’t limit our liability for personal injury or death resulting from your negligence as a result of deceit.

Accordingly, to all stated, Prime Tantric Massage will not be liable for the following: loss of business, loss of contract, loss of data or information, loss of profits costs, damages, expenses or charges. Prime Tantric Massage reserves the right not be in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Prime Tantric Massage absolves itself from any liability regarding failure in performance of any obligations under these Terms and Conditions originating from or due to acts or events.

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