Couple Massages

Do you want a Prime Couple Massage experience?

A massage is a relaxing and soothing treatment that can be enjoyed with a partner.
Today we will explore this type of massage to give you a better idea of what a couples session entails. This is when two people are massaged erotically in the same room.

You can choose from one or two masseuses.

What Is Couple Massage?

A Couples Massage is a uniquely loving and caring experience to share between yourself and your partner. A Couples Massage is about using the skills and experience of your tantric masseuse to re-energise the sexual connection between you and your partner and re-awaken a strong sexual desire.

A Couples Massage is an intimate, erotic, shared experience which will strengthen your emotional and physical bond with each other and revitalise your sex life – perfect for that special occasion or as a special treat.

What Does Couple Massage Involve?

Couple massage enables you to explore yourself and to connect on an erotic level, and often in a deeply spiritual way, with your partner in a safe yet exciting space.

During the massage session, you may want to watch me pleasure your partner, or you may wish to join me in doing so. This is entirely up to you. My role is to help you appreciate each other’s bodies and help you develop and explore techniques of pleasure and arousal. At the same time, watching me bring your partner to orgasm can be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Your chosen masseuse will be sure to enable plenty of time for you to commune with each other and will be happy to invite you to help her to massage your partner and vice versa, which is also a great way to add to your repertoire whilst simultaneously pleasuring your partner.

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