Aqua Massages

Do you want a Prime Aqua Massage experience?

An aqua massage is a great way to relax your body and mind. Warm water and soap feel great on the skin, and the gentle massage is extremely sensual. This is a great way to relax, and it cranks up the erotic level as you are naked and enjoying the water together with your masseuse.

What Is An Aqua Massage?

This tantric massage is believed to have originated in Thailand. Here you can visit erotic massage parlours and choose your girl from a fishbowl full of masseuses.

As part of our London tantric massage services, we provide something different with our soapy massage in London.

We’ve taken the Thai concepts and added our luxurious elements. Our soapy massage is the most hassle-free and efficient technique for giving a complete, full-body massage.

We added some aquatic fun to the massage for you to enjoy it more!

What Aqua Massage Involves?

Being massaged in a shower or bath is utterly delightful. Have your stunning masseuse cleanse you with bubbly water, it’s the ultimate massage experience and is highly erotic.

Be swept away with the sensation of the soapy water, the silklike suds on your skin, and the exquisite nude masseuse cleansing your stress, anxiety, and worries away. This is a beautiful way to prepare you for your sensual massage.

This Soapy Massage London Luxurious experience is the ultimate aphrodisiac! The Tantric bathing ritual is about the intimacy of cleansing and the varied sensation of having your entire torso bathed and massaged in warm water whilst breathing in the exotic aroma of the silky soap suds and scented candles adorning the bathroom.

After the bathing ritual, you are gently and carefully towel dried, and then you will be led into the boudoir for a breath-taking, powerful, slow and prime tantric massage.

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