Four Hands Massage

Do you want a Prime Four-hand Massage experience?

Four-hand massages are the best way to relax. To create a truly intense experience, two therapists will work together. The synchronized movements are intended to relax muscles and intensify your pleasure! Double the fun for the connoisseurs who love tantric at a new level of satisfaction!

A four hands massage is the most indulgent form of tantric massage available. Two of our gorgeous prime masseuses perform the massage, who will work in perfect unison to pamper, tease, and tantalise every inch of you.

What is Four Hands Massage?

A four-hand massage includes two masseuses. They use synchronised massage movements that apply the same pressure on both sides (left and right) to increase muscle relaxation and increase the massage benefits & sensations.

What Four Hands Massage Involves?

This particular type of massage therapy puts your whole body in a deeper state of relaxation. Your brain can’t keep track of and sense synchronised movements. The mind becomes wholly immersed in the experience and stops thinking.

Four Hands Massage is renowned for its ability to deepen relaxation. It relies on the therapists being well-paired and experienced, with a clever connection that allows them subconsciously to know each other’s next moves and how to respond to the receiver. They can work together so well that the human brain cannot keep up with four hands instead of two. Instead, it relaxes, stops trying to keep up, and gives you a fully immersed Four hand tantric massage experience.

What happens during a Prime Four Hands Massage?

During a four-hands massage, you are transported to a place of deep arousal and complete relaxation by two of our incredibly talented masseuses.
Your dedicated therapists will intuit your needs and perform a sensational massage in perfect harmony.

Our girls are experts at holding you at the edge of arousal so you can bathe in the erotic energy for as long as possible.

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